Mobily Prepaid Daily Bundle

Mobily Prepaid Daily Bundle
  • Price: 20 SAR
  • Internet: Unlimited
  • Social Media: Unlimited
  • All Net Minutes: 50
  • Subscription code:  Send 20 to 1100
  • Status : Send 4 To 1411
  • Validity: 7 Days

The Mobily Prepaid Daily Bundle is like a magic wand for your day’s connectivity needs. Picture this: unlimited data, social media access, and ample talk time, all packed into a single day’s use. Isn’t that something?

Mobily Prepaid Daily Bundle Overview

Here’s the scoop on what you get for just 20 SAR (plus VAT upon recharge):

  • Talk Time Galore: With 50 minutes to call any network, you’ve got enough time to catch up with friends, make that quick business call, or sort out your appointments.
  • Unlimited Data: Yes, you read that right – unlimited data for a day. Stream your favorite show, download that important document, or surf the web without any limits.
  • Social Media Data: For the social butterflies, there’s unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter X, and WhatsApp. Stay updated, share moments, and chat away without a pause.
  • Validity: This bundle wraps up its magic in 1 day, making it perfect for those special days when you need extra connectivity without a long-term commitment.

How to Subscribe to Prepaid Daily Bundle?

Getting on board with the Mobily Prepaid Daily is a walk in the park. Just type ’20’ in a message and zap it off to 1100. Within moments, you’re all set to enjoy a day filled with unhindered digital access.

How to Unsubscribe to Prepaid Daily Bundle?

Here’s a twist: there’s no need to unsubscribe. This package is a one-time affair with no strings attached. Once your day is up, the plan expires. Easy and hassle-free!

How to check your remaining resources?

Curious about how much of your 50 minutes you’ve used? Just send a quick text with the number 4 to 1411. You’ll get a speedy update on your remaining resources.


The Mobily Prepaid Daily Bundle is your go-to for those days when your digital needs spike. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and flexibility, fitting snugly into your life without any lingering commitments. Go ahead and give your day a connectivity boost!. Check also Prepaid Weekly Bundle.