Jazz Daily Mega Offer (Discontinued)

  • Price: 42
  • Internet: 1GB
  • Subscribe code: *117*4#
  • Unsubscribe code: *117*4*4#
  • Status code: *117*4*2#
  • Bundle Information code: *117*4*3#
  • Validity: 1 day


The Jazz Daily Mega Offer provides 1 GB of high-speed Internet data for 24 hours at Rs. 42, allowing users to stay connected to the internet without worrying about running out of data. This package is ideal for heavy data users who require a lot of data for their daily internet needs.


It’s an ideal package for users who only require internet connectivity temporarily.


You Can Subscribe to Daily Mega Offer by dialing *117*4#

You Can Unsubscribe from Daily Mega Offer by dialing *117*4*4#

You can Check the Status of Daily Mega Offer by dialing *117*4*2#

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