Ufone Super Card Grand

Ufone Super Card Grand
  • Price: 949
  • Internet: 20 GB
  • U-U & PTCL Minutes: 6000
  • Off-Net Minutes: 450
  • SMS: 6000
  • Subscription code:  *899#
  • Status : *706#
  • Validity: 1 Month

Super Card Grand Overview

Ufone Super Card Grand is designed to cater to mobile users’ diverse needs, the Super Card Grand provides 20 GB of internet data, 6000 u-u & PTCL minutes and SMS and 450 off-net minutes at Rs 949 for 30 days.

Benefits of Ufone Super Card Grand

Affordable Pricing

Super Card Grand is an excellent choice for individuals looking for cost-effective mobile plans. It’s available at an affordable rate of 949 Pakistani Rupees. This card offers great value for money. It provides various services, ensuring users can make the most of their mobile experience without breaking the bank.

Generous Data Allowance

With Super Card Grand, users can enjoy a generous 20 GB data allowance, allowing them to browse the internet, stream videos, and use various online applications without worrying about exhausting their data limits. This plan ensures seamless connectivity and lets users stay connected with their friends, family, and the digital world.

Free Minutes and SMS

Besides the abundant data allocation, Super Card Grand offers 6000 on-net minutes and SMS, allowing users to communicate with their contacts without additional charges. Whether making calls or sending text messages, Super Card Grand ensures that users have ample resources to stay connected at all times.

Unlimited SMS Allowance

Text messaging remains a popular and convenient way of communication. Super Card Gold understands this need and provides many SMS allowances. Subscribers can send text messages to any network across Pakistan without worrying about running out of SMS credits.

How to Activate Ufone Super Card Grand?

Purchase Method

To avail of Super Card Grand, users can conveniently purchase it from any authorized Ufone retailer or through online platforms. The card is readily available, making it easily accessible for individuals nationwide.

Activation Process

Activating Super Card Grand is a straightforward process. After purchasing the card, users need to scratch off the protective layer to reveal the PIN code. They can dial *899# and enter the PIN code when prompted. Once the code is successfully entered, the Super Card Grand will be activated, and users can start enjoying its benefits.

Validity and Usage Details

Super Card Grand has a validity period of 30 days from the activation date. Users can use the allocated resources, including data, minutes, and SMS, during this time. It is important to note that the card’s benefits cannot be carried forward beyond the validity period, so utilizing the services within the given time frame is advisable.

Ufone Super Card Grand vs. Competitors

It stands out as a highly competitive option when comparing Super Card 899 with similar offerings from other service providers. The package’s affordability, generous data allowance, free minutes and SMS, and international roaming services make it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive mobile solution.


Super Card Grand offers an affordable and convenient mobile solution for users in Pakistan. With its attractive pricing, generous data allowance, free minutes and SMS, and international roaming services, it provides a comprehensive package that meets mobile users’ diverse needs. Whether staying connected with loved ones or accessing the digital world, Super Card Grand ensures a seamless mobile experience. You Can also check Super Card Gold.


To subscribe to Super Card Grand, dial *899#.

This package will expire after its validity expires.

You can check their remaining balance and usage details by dialing *706# from their Ufone mobile number.

Yes, Ufone Super Card Grand is available for purchase through online platforms, providing convenience and accessibility to users.

Absolutely! Super Card Grand offers a substantial data allocation that can be utilized for various online activities, including video streaming.

Once the data limit is exhausted, users can still enjoy data services by subscribing to additional data packages or opting for Ufone’s Pay As You Go service.