Zong Super Star Offer

Zong Super Star Offer
  • Price: 575
  • Internet: 8GB
  • Zong Minutes: 3000
  • Off-net Minutes: 500
  • SMS: 3000
  • Subscription code:  *7070#
  • Status : *102#
  • Validity: 30 Days

Super Star Offer Overview

Zong Super Star Offer, which provides a plethora of benefits at an affordable price. This Package offers a variety of services to its users. It includes  8 GB of internet data, 3000 zong minutes and SMS and 500 off-net minutes at Rs.575 for 30 days.

How to Subscribe:

Dial *7070# to activate this Package but remember you need the required amount in your account to subscribe to this offer.

How to Unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe from the Package, send “UNSUB MHO” to 6464. This Package will expire after its validity period ends.

Note: If you want to re-subscribe the Package within the current bundle validity, you first need to unsubscribe the Package by sending “UNSUB MHO” to 6464. After that, you can re-subscribe to the Package.

Why Choose Zong Super Star Offer?

It would be best if you chose the Super Star Offer for many reasons over other packages. Some of the main benefits of this Package are:

Affordable Price:
The Zong Super Star Offer is priced at an affordable rate of PKR 575 per month, which makes it accessible to a wide range of customers.

More Data:
With 8GB of mobile data, you can browse the internet, stream videos, and use social media apps to your heart’s content.

More Talk Time:
With 3000 on-net minutes and 500 off-net minutes, you can talk to your loved ones without any restrictions.

More SMS:
With 3000 SMS, you can send messages to anyone in Pakistan without worrying about running out of SMS.


Zong Super Star Offer is a great package that offers a range of services at an affordable price. It is ideal for people who need more talk time, SMS, and data throughout the month. With its affordable price and ample benefits, it is worth considering. You Can also check Family Bundle.


It’s a Prepaid offer. Users Get 8 GB of internet data, 3000 zong minutes, SMS, and 500 off-net minutes at Rs.575 for 30 days.

To subscribe to this offer, dial *7070#

  • Dial *102# and promptly respond within 30 seconds by selecting one of the following options:
  • Press 1 for a summary
  • Press 2 to access minutes usage
  • Press 3 for SMS details 
  • Press 4 to check your data usage
  • Press 5 for information regarding the My Zong app.